The Conversational Learning Tool For Education

Voicelets helps educators tap the power of voice assistants and conversational AI technology to engage students and to improve learning.


Listen. Learn.


Teachers customize content. Voicelets are created by teachers to help extend their curriculum from inside the classroom to outside the classroom. Teachers can create an interactive voice-based experience around a single exercise, a lesson plan, or their entire class.


Students learn by listening. Voicelets helps students memorize and retain key facts, important dates, vocabulary terms, and definitions, related to a class or subject.


Schools control curriculum. Voicelets enables schools to enhance their curriculum, in a prviate setting, for their own students and teachers.

See How It Works.

How it Works


Create an account and browse Voicelets templates.


Select a template, name your Voicelet, and drop in your content.


Publish your Voicelet and share with your students!

Connect multiple Voicelets to create Study Sets.
Try multiple formats to see which work best.


What is a Voicelet?
A Voicelet is a fun and engaging voice based quiz or study aid created by a teacher for use by students.

What are the formats?
Voicelet formats are available in Multiple Choice, Flashcards, Fast Facts, True/False, and Reading Comprehension.

What is a Study Set?
A Study Set is a grouping of Voicelets supporting a single subject or lesson plan.

Why Voicelets?

Voicelets is transforming learning.

Increases engagement

Engage with Voicelets alone or in groups, any time of day or night, as few or as many times as needed.

Improves convenience

Access Voicelets on the go, at home, or at school through Alexa enabled devices or the mobile app.

Extends accommodations

Especially effective for students who are English Language Learners (ELL), physically/visually impaired, or those experiencing learning challenges.

Educators Love Voicelets!

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As the Principal of a therapeutic day school, I am very excited to use Voicelets as a resource for our students, who present with a spectrum of learning needs, to assist them in accessing our curriculum most effectively.

Sheilah Gauch Dearborn Academy
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It’s been incredible to see students close to my age be able to incorporate new technologies into a curriculum that was part of my education not too long ago. Technology is evolving faster than ever - it only makes sense that we use it to help students enhance their education, and to prepare them for a voice-technology-enabled world.

Frida Sternbach Rostoker Emerson College